You Only Get One Life. How to Make the Moment Last.

Larry Olsen October 8, 2019

Slow down you move too fast, you got to make the morning last. Sounds like a song lyric by Paul Simon doesn’t it? It is, but instead of making the morning last, let’s talk about making the moment last.

I saw the man flying and without even thinking about it I tried to fly too. If everyone is flying around you, you’ll have an automatic tendency to fly as well.

This is because of our mirror neurons; they are essential for imitation, which is key in the learning process. So, without knowing it most people are learning how to live a stress filled life, on their way to mindfulness. . . make sense?  If you want to make the moment last, be as efficient, relaxed and focused as you can be on this moment rather than the one coming up.

We think with words, and words trigger pictures in our brains. These pictures generate emotions, and emotions cause us to take action.  But 99 times out of 100, attitude causes us to continue doing what we are used to doing, without ever having to try something new – even if what we are doing is not good for us or others. The good news is this; attitude is a learned behavior and not only can it be unlearned but more importantly we can choose to learn new ones that cause the behaviors we are looking for.

Therefore, language has a powerful effect on behavior. In the science of psycholinguistics, the power that language has on our behavior our internal conversation is called self-talk. With the assistance of neuroscience, I’ve come up with a new term for self-talk: Rox-Talk.™ Every time we think about anything it Registers One Xperience neurologically. While we are thinking , each thought is a ROX getting dropped in the bucket/attitude you’re thinking about and instantaneously or over time, we start leaning in that direction. That is why it is frustrating, counterproductive, and more often than not, only effective in the short term to try to change behavior, because subconscious attitudes drive behavior not just consciously wanting to change.  Remember; learn how to change your attitude or you’ll change your opportunity every single time.

My insight to clients and people I consult for is this: get as much out of this very precious, once in a lifetime moment as you can . . . then slow down, say hello, actually listen to the response and then honor the one you’re with.

And since we are all so important, be careful you don’t walk by someone on your way to say hello to someone else.


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