Why You Don’t See What You’re Looking At

Larry Olsen March 4, 2020

Everything you need to be successful in your life is right in front of you right now. If you think that it’s somewhere else, you’ll build a scotoma to it. (Your scotomas are “blind spots” causing limiting beliefs that you have about yourself or other people.)

Ninety-five percent of your reality is based on what you see. At the same time, science has discovered that based on the information available to the human eye, we are able to pick up less than one trillionth of the information that’s available. One trillionth!! We make up 95 percent of our reality based on one trillionth of the information that is available to us.

If you could only improve your perception by one 0.001 of one percent, you would be light years ahead of everyone else. The reality is that we are all in this thing called life together. We all have more neurons than we can imagine, and certainly more than enough to get exactly what we want out of life. In fact, that’s what you and I are getting out of life right now – exactly what we expect.

When you learn how to change your expectations, you will absolutely transform your life. We all have limited perception. Think about the possibilities for yourself when you break your scotomas. Just imagine what life would be presenting to you. Are you curious? Let’s find out!

Let me ask you three questions to reflect on:

  1. Since behavior follows attitude, can you think of a time in your life when a negative attitude led to a poor result?
  2. Think of a time when you’ve locked on to a positive attitude about a person, an event, etc. What negative elements did you overlook because you were locked on to the positive?
  3. Think of a thing or person you’ve developed a scotoma about. How does this cause you to act and what can you do to change this?
Why You Don’t See What You’re Looking At