When should you begin acting like a good leader?

Larry Olsen February 17, 2020

It amazes me how many people believe that once they get a leadership position, they will then assume its responsibilities. But the importance of getting a vision and believing in it, is that it causes you to act like it’s true right now.

Let me ask you this question… at your job, who do you think management is looking for? People waiting to be discovered, or people who are behaving like leaders right now? Leaders don’t choose complainers and faultfinders to be new leaders. They select people who already have the right attitude and demonstrate it daily.

Want to be a great leader at your work and in your personal life? Have a vision of yourself as a great leader. Don’t get hung up on how you should act. Instead, think about and find out what the best outcome would be for others. Remember, have a vision, and the “how” will follow.

When should you begin acting like a good leader? Right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, and not after you take a leadership class. Act like a leader now!

Great leaders orchestrate others to create and articulate the vision and then ask, “How are we going to get this done?” They don’t dictate how things should be done. If a leader or manager tells associates how something is going to be done, there’s no buy-in. In order to get buy-in, you must solicit your associate’s input and really listen to what they have to say. Then the creative juices will begin to flow; and synergies create the outcome.

Imagine working for a leader who is interested in your success. Even though the organization has specific things it must accomplish, this leader is still looking out for your well-being and seeks your feedback, too, asking questions like, “How do you think we can tackle this? What do you think we ought to do?” How exciting would working for that person be, versus working for a boss who only tells you what to do?

There’s a huge difference. Remember, it’s the difference that makes the difference.

I encourage you to take action NOW. As you begin to clarify the vision you have of the leader inside you, what are three things you can start doing (or stop doing) as a good leader to get your closer to your objective or goal?

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