What Separates Us, Keeps Us Together

Larry Olsen April 2, 2020

Have we ever experienced this before? When we can’t answer that question, because we haven’t experienced it before, one of two things can happen; Fear or Value! It’s our choice when we know we have it. Many choose fear because it is present and available from friends and the media. It’s news . . . here and now. But the consequences can bring out the worst in all of us.

Value is such a different approach to the unknown. What am I to learn from this? How can I be of value to myself and those around me? The questions are what make the differences, not what’s happening to us.

When I drop something and am called clumsy or stupid, I can be afraid to pick anything else up. When I’m laughed at for my mistakes, I may not try again to avoid the hurt and shame. But when I know that the question makes the difference, I can choose to love the one that dropped something and encourage, listen, and care for the one who’s laughed at.

Now more than ever let’s love, encourage, and care about how to be there for each other and bring the known into the unknown.

What Separates Us, Keeps Us Together