What Most People Don’t Know, but Wish They Did!

Larry Olsen July 20, 2021

Are you ready to learn ‘what most people don’t know, but wish they did’?


First, let’s get a few things straight. We all grew up with beliefs, whether taught or learned. We’ve been brought up to believe things like, we must learn first before we try. That the right answer is the only answer and that there are just some things we will never know, so stop asking. Many, if not all of us, built lives around these and many other beliefs & limited knowledge. The tricky part is our own personal abundance as well as company growth is limited solely to those understandings.


What I’ve just shared is reality . . . or is it? You get to decide what you believe. 


What we’ve been taught to believe about our life through others & through our own experiences, has one thing in common . . . limitations.


Limitations are the walls of our reality. If I’ve been taught to believe I’m shy, then I naturally stay in the corners of rooms where I believe it is “safe.” If I believe I’m outgoing, then I have a much further reach as to what my adventure of life looks and feels like. Our beliefs become the world in which we live, and our subconscious mind will fight to the death to preserve it.


Arguments are mostly about being right about what you currently believe, and if you don’t believe what I just shared, then you’re fighting to be right at this very moment.  Through my years of studying the subconscious mind I’ve realized people would rather be right than successful, and that is usually what happens, if we aren’t aware.


Staring to see a few of those limiting beliefs in your life now?


Well, here is truth, the “what most people don’t know but wish they did.”


We Have No Limits, other than those we set upon ourselves.


We have no excuses for not discovering our own greatness other than the ones we’ve created or been taught. Do you see the power in changing the beliefs of what you are capable of? 


Why limit yourself? It takes time and practice but if you’re going to fight for your beliefs, (which is the full-time job of the subconscious brain by the way), then at least fight for the beliefs that will set you free, not keep you sad and small. And let me tell you everyone in your life will benefit by your renewed energy and presence as a result of this.


We were born to create the life we choose to live not be controlled by outdated limiting beliefs we once learned. Pick one you would like to change right now, and the next time the broken record of your subconscious brain tries the same play, tell it something different and be wowed as to what’s possible.


If you would like to look at redefine or tweak your company’s culture in these changing times, contact me today at Aperneo and let’s start a conversation.

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About Author: Larry R. Olsen, Corporate Culture Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO of Aperneo: An Achievement Acceleration Company

Aperneo is an achievement acceleration company providing individuals and teams quick, actionable guidance on how to break ingrained, ineffective habits. The Aperneo approach to professional development balances common sense, practical neuroscience, and personal accountability, enabling clients to gain insights and perspectives to live, work, and engage with more success.







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