Live Webinar 5 Things Employees Wish Their Leaders Would Start Doing Immediately

Tuesday, October 6th @ 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (20 mins)

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5 Things Employees Wish Their Leaders Would Start Doing Immediately

Developing talented people is far more important than identifying and attracting talented people. To do that, bosses/leaders must not overlook the obvious on their way to figuring out how to motivate, engage and retain their people. Join Larry to find out what those 5 absolutely necessary things are that your people wish you would start doing yesterday.

About the Speaker Larry Olsen | Chief Ignitionist

Larry is an international speaker, author, executive coach, and corporate advisor who has invested the past 40 years researching and applying with his clients why humans think and act the way they do.

He works with individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 50 executives alike, bringing this people-first approach to organizations across the world.

"The addition of Larry to our team Zoom call, completely changed the dynamic. He quickly gained trust, allowing us to work together for a very productive hour. Inspiring us to think differently, and gaining lasting foundational tools to pull through this difficult time and beyond."

~ David Newcombe, Co-Founder, LaunchPad Sales and Marketing Group