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Larry Olsen attending a LIFE Seminar Attendee

"I was leaving an entire part of my life up to other people's decisions."

"As far back as I can remember, I've been skeptical and closed off. If it’s not my way, it’s not happening. I was practicing the fine art of Insanity. Part way into the seminar, I started to let go. To let go of 30 years of pent up frustration, anger, and unhappiness. I started thinking not about what was happening to me…but what was happening without me. I was leaving an entire part of my life up to other people's decisions. The rest of the seminar and the subsequent weeks and months have been astounding! I am in charge of my life, my decisions were mine to make. I no longer waited for things to happen to me, I happened to things! Thanks again Larry, for the key to myself. You certainly helped a wretch like me!"

Michael Baldwin

"We learned as much as it is possible to learn in a day and a half."

"Jonathon and I would like to thank you for all of the information you were able to share with us! We learned as much as it is possible to learn in a day and a half. However, the information we learned from you is priceless! It is better than school because we are able to apply it in our everyday lives. We thank you for the time you have devoted to helping people realize their dreams and how to get there!"

Jonathon & Erica Merrill
Workshop exercises at an Aperneo event
Larry Olsen and LIFE Seminar attendee writing on an easel

"This isn't some 'feel good, rah-rah, new age mysticism.'"

"The education I have continued to receive thru the LIFE program has been remarkable. There is no doubt in my mind that Larry Olsen is fulfilling a purpose by becoming the teacher of this education; and make no mistake, it is indeed an education. This isn't some "feel good, rah-rah, new age mysticism." The LIFE program takes a common sense approach to a science-based education of the mind. It makes an incredible impact on the moment-by-moment quality of our lives and the lives of all those around us. If you are considering Aperneo or about to start the LIFE program, I can assure you, it is time well spent. Like a lot of you, I have sat thru management and motivational seminars that got me pumped up for a short while. Only to have the reality of life swoop in and take the wind out of my sails. In my humble opinion, this course should be taught in every high school across our country. I am extremely thankful for Larry and his family for their dedication, hard work and obvious investment of heart into researching, practicing and presenting this material. I can't wait for more!"

David Christian

"It has opened a world of opportunities for us both."

"I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your L.I.F.E. training. I've found myself going over the seminar and listening to the CDs fairly often as of late. My wife's cancer has been and continues to be a tremendous adventure. We joke around with each other that "we're having the time of our lives." All kidding aside, it's been very difficult, and dare I say, it sucks. However, the L.I.F.E. fundamentals have helped both her and myself attack this with a set of tools that have truly turned this into an amazing adventure. She wasn't physically able to attend the spouse's seminar but the CDs and my continuous LEADERSHIP training that I share with her has been an incredible resource for us. It has opened a world of opportunities for us both. Thank you Very, Very much!"

Mark Bivens
two men working on an exercise at a LIFE Seminar event

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Our Business Clients

  • PepsiCo (USA/Europe)

  • Tropicana

  • Starbucks

  • Philips Medical System

  • Washington Mutual Bank

  • Prudential Real Estate

  • State Farm Insurance

  • Gatorade

  • YMCA

  • First Merit Bank


  • Frito Lay

  • Nuevo Energy Company

  • Quaker

  • Marx Company, CPA

  • Raising Arizona Kids Magazine

  • Akron University – Men’s Soccer

  • Akron University – Men’s Football

  • American Airlines

  • Metro Lexus

  • Lexus (USA Areas)

  • Harley Davidson

  • Honda (USA)

  • Young President’s Org

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • El Paso Gas

  • Aesthetic Family Dentistry

  • Saltgrass Steakhouse

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Toyota Motor Company (USA Regions)

  • 1st Quest Mortgage

  • DFD Architecture

  • Haselwood Auto Group/University

  • Rhino Marketing

  • Dr. Ginger Price, DDS

  • Priority Automotive

  • Several independent auto groups


Through our partnership with Aperneo, Larry Olsen helped our organization develop a corporate vision and true sense of purpose. This was the foundation which engaged our associates in improving our operational performance significantly, resulting in year over year increases in sales, market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Mark Nazario

General Manager, Lexus Central Area


Larry’s work with us has paid huge dividends in really helping us understand how the mind works…to create the attitude of can do! Outside of hiring the best and the brightest at PepsiCo the other part of the equation is their attitude. We want it filled with a positive, embracing change and go after our goals with a high level of energy. Larry has really been my coach and the teacher for my team in teaching us what the "can do" attitude is all about.

James A. Kozlowski

Senior Vice President CPO (ret) PepsiCo


Why I chose Aperneo is that they tailor the approach to the client, its not going out and hiring a big consulting company that’s going to come into you with a canned product that has some form of three interconnected circles as the answer to the world. This is very individualized and it’s very human because that’s where change occurs.

Doug Foshee

President, CEO, Director (ret) El Paso Corporation


I would not have believed that with his wisdom and unique scientific/performance driven education, aligned with our organizational goals and values, we could motivate, grow and achieve such positive results in a short period of time. These positive results were recently confirmed by an independent national survey completed by our business partners, showing that we were the only Toyota Region in a down economy that not only met or exceeded our industry’s benchmarks but were the only region that grew in the category of associate satisfaction.

Alec Hagey

General Manager and Vice President, Toyota Los Angeles Region