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Aperneo webinar 1. Thinking on purpose.

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How can Aperneo improve your life personally and professionally? This prerecorded webinar series is constantly expanding. The best way to start the process of self-improvement whether in your personal or professional life starts here, and it doesn't cost a DIME.


Get a Vision and Live IT – Book

This book is a highly acclaimed bestseller. You will learn how to change your attitude to align with your vision, allowing you to go beyond what you currently think is possible, to achieve increased motivation, vision clarity, better relationships and success at work.

**A portion of the revenues from the sales of Get A Vision and Live IT! will be donated to the non-profit The Children’s Reading Foundation of Phoenix Metropolitan Area.


Get a Vision and Live IT – Audio

Founder and creator of Aperneo, Larry Olsen, created an audio series where you have the opportunity to spend four engaging hours one-on-one with Larry in the comfort of your car, home or where ever you find yourself plugged in.

His information is both effective and inspiring because it is rooted in scientific fact and common sense. Larry shares with you how the application of subtle techniques will result in experiencing superior performance. Learn the key processes critical to achieving your full potential, record-breaking results and personal and professional prosperity. It’s only a click away.


Get a Vision and Live IT – Package

If you want to maximize your learning experience while getting the best return on your investment, enjoy the ultimate collection of Larry Olsen’s wisdom and teachings by investing in the Package.

You’ll get Larry’s bestseller, Get a Vision and Live IT! as well as his highly acclaimed audio program and user’s guide, L.I.F.E.

This series will help you learn how to go beyond what you currently think is possible to achieve increased motivation, better relationships and success at work.


Strategic Thinking One-on-Ones

During your confidential session, you will learn how to improve your self-image, performance and how to take on challenges with confidence and ease. As Larry learns your wants, what’s standing in your way and what you’ve been attempting to change, he then shares insights that completely adjust and renew your perspective.

The results of a renewed perspective are personal motivation, as well as the belief that personal accomplishments are much more possible than you would ever think.


L.I.F.E. Seminar for Individuals

Lessons In the Fundamentals of Excellence

This seminar is for individuals looking for the leading edge in performance, relationships, as well as changing one’s perception of what is possible.

Looking at your life as a once in a lifetime experience, facing the unknown with confidence and courage and moving beyond personal barriers to success and prosperity, are just a few of the outcomes this seminar has to offer.

**Contact us for group reservations


L.I.F.E. Seminar for Companies

This seminar brings Aperneo founder, Larry Olsen, to your organization for an experience of a lifetime. With high-performance mindsets and the education and insights necessary to move beyond what was once thought impossible, your associates become the difference that’s essential for a cutting edge company.

Corporate L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. Training

Becoming a world-class organization requires a world-class culture.

But how do you get there? Successful leaders know that moving from current reality to what we envision is not a dream; it’s a process that requires every team member’s engagement to create as well as sustain. Aperneo’s World Class Culture is a six-phase system that educates and challenges all associates to operate at their highest level bringing out the best in themselves and others.

The system is a collaborative creation between your organization and Aperneo resulting in a world-class culture that supports and energizes the activities and behaviors necessary to accomplish existing as well as new organizational visions.

Lunch on Purpose

Lunch on purpose is 45 minutes of pure insight and inspiration!

Each session deals with a topic that can potentially keep us from getting what we want, but the education assures new strategies to successfully navigate us through the most difficult circumstances.

Sessions occur 2 to 3 times per month and are small enough with 5 to 7 participants that each can personalize and maximize the experience. Together Larry shares the tips necessary to live a truly inspired life. Lunch anyone?


R.O.X. Talk Subscription

Registering One Experience The neurological process of elevating our internal conversation from discouragement to encouragement, resulting in exceptional performance in all areas of our life. We’re more than motivation. R.O.X. – Talk is the key to keeping motivation sustainable and long-term. R.O.X. – Talk is a new subscription service that includes 24/7 access to powerful…

$20.00 / month

“Have the Nerve to Change Your Life” – Men’s T-Shirt

100% combed ringspun cotton, fabric laundered, set-in 1×1 baby rib collar.


“Keep Your Ten” – Men’s T-Shirt

100% combed ringspun cotton, fabric laundered, set-in 1×1 baby rib collar.


“Keep Your Ten” – Women’s T-Shirt

60/40 combed ringspun cotton/polyester,  fabric laundered, 1×1 baby rib set-in collar
Our women’s sizes run small so you may want to go up a size for the best fit.


Stay Informed!

Stay up-to-date on events, seminars and opportunities for one-on-one coaching for yourself or your business.


Through our partnership with Aperneo, Larry Olsen helped our organization develop a corporate vision and true sense of purpose. This was the foundation which engaged our associates in improving our operational performance significantly, resulting in year over year increases in sales, market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Mark Nazario
General Manager, Lexus Central Area

Larry’s work with us has paid huge dividends in really helping us understand how the mind works…to create the attitude of can do! Outside of hiring the best and the brightest at PepsiCo the other part of the equation is their attitude. We want it filled with a positive, embracing change and go after our goals with a high level of energy. Larry has really been my coach and the teacher for my team in teaching us what the "can do" attitude is all about.

James A. Kozlowski
Senior Vice President CPO (ret) PepsiCo

Why I chose Aperneo is that they tailor the approach to the client, its not going out and hiring a big consulting company that’s going to come into you with a canned product that has some form of three interconnected circles as the answer to the world. This is very individualized and it’s very human because that’s where change occurs.

Doug Foshee
President, CEO, Director (ret) El Paso Corporation

I would not have believed that with his wisdom and unique scientific/performance driven education, aligned with our organizational goals and values, we could motivate, grow and achieve such positive results in a short period of time. These positive results were recently confirmed by an independent national survey completed by our business partners, showing that we were the only Toyota Region in a down economy that not only met or exceeded our industry’s benchmarks but were the only region that grew in the category of associate satisfaction.

Alec Hagey
General Manager and Vice President, Toyota Los Angeles Region
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