Executive Strategic Coaching By changing attitudes to align with visions, Aperneo develops people who are able to redefine how they think and the way they approach everything they encounter in life.

"If there is one thing holding you back, it’s not the future."  ~Larry Olsen

Move Beyond Current Possibilities

When you reach the moment in your thinking that causes you do decide it’s time to make a change, do you ever start to wonder how am I going to do that?

Most of us grew up learning how important the ‘how’ is in getting what we want. If we couldn’t come up with the ‘how’ at the same time we came up with the ‘what’, then many of us were in no danger of pulling it off, or we would at least have to settle for making the ‘what’ more realistic. And that’s when the excitement is turned in for the settlement.

When you ask a young child what do you want, there is no limitation. A castle, a time machine or a walk on a cloud seems like a completely normal request. The envisioning begins and the child is at play. Imagination is endless. What changes, as we grow older is not the possibilities we have but the crusher of most dreams . . . just how do you think you’ll do that?

What if we just asked ourselves what do I want and the ‘how’ appeared. Would that simple change, change the way we set goals and visions? What would be possible for us?

Aperneo is about moving beyond what we think is possible by providing the insights necessary to not only envision, but to actually live the vision now.

Group of people with Larry Olsen at Aperneo event

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Reticular Activating System

A net-like group of cells at the base of the brain connecting the brain to the spinal cord, which looks for information that matches the belief.

How You Will Benefit from Personal Growth Consulting

It’s not about change. It’s about transformation. Through personal consultation with Aperneo, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to grow and stay positive in any environment

  • Develop techniques for leading your organization or family through the eyes of value rather than fear

  • Understand how attitudes are formed and how to change them to maximize your opportunities

  • Create environments for success where change is valued and sustained

  • Eliminate doubt

  • Make the impossible, possible

  • Pick up parenting techniques that bring out the best in your children as well as yourself

  • Accomplish more in any area of your life through a new perspective

  • Enhance the happiness within your life

  • Discover that getting what you want is as easy as getting home

What's Holding You Back?