Igniting Company Culture Aperneo provides informed counsel, inspiring meaningful and sustained change in company culture by redefining leadership development through the melding of art and science.

Redefining the Art of Achievement

For Accelerated Team Performance

A common belief in today’s business world is that we must get more with less. Company downsizing, mergers and the demand to build market value have led to a culture that makes that philosophy not a mere expectation, but a demand. This paradigm creates a workforce with additional responsibilities and reduced resources, leading to less time with family and fewer opportunities for personal and professional growth. Ultimately, this approach to business creates the “grind it out” mentality; this abrasive culture is a false construct. It is built on the premise that more effort creates more results, but realistically, we end up chasing our own tails. If we believe it takes more effort, we create more effort, blinding ourselves to the endless opportunities for exceptional performance.

In order to create new opportunities and improve company culture, we must learn how to change our attitudes; but it’s not about covering them up with positive attitudes or positive behaviors, it’s about finding out where our minds are already made up. Those areas create scotomas, or blind spots, to accelerated performance. We take these scotomas into our meetings, trainings and personal lives. Thus, we end up changing our opportunities because we don’t know how to successfully change our minds.

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Scotomas | sco • to • mas

A partial loss of vision or blind spot in an otherwise normal visual field.

What You Can Expect

Through strategic alignment with Aperneo, organizations can expect, at a minimum, the following benefits:

  • Creation of “The Competitive Advantage”

  • Increased market share

  • Managers transformed into leaders who inspire and accelerate team performance

  • Development of advocates/leaders who embrace the vision as well as one another

  • Retention of long-term, engaged associates

  • Energetic associates for health and happiness

  • Enhanced customer loyalty

  • Improved results per transaction

  • Sustained growth

  • Improved bottom-line results

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