Get a Vision and Live IT – Book

This book is a highly acclaimed bestseller. You will learn how to change your attitude to align with your vision, allowing you to go beyond what you currently think is possible, to achieve increased motivation, vision clarity, better relationships and success at work.

High-performance people grow into what they want to be, rather than wishing they were different. It’s not a matter of magic or luck, it’s not just a matter of positive thinking. It’s discovering the excellence within that will guarantee success. Larry knows the secret… that finding success and happiness in life, love and work is as simple as knowing what you want… the how lies within.

You are in danger of changing who you are – but with the right information you can change what you’ve become, in an area of your life. – Larry Olsen


Get a Vision and Live It is a concise and effective guide to tapping personal power and overcoming personal barriers. This book dives into the ability through a few, very simple methods which use individual resources that already exist. Through its incredibly user-friendly and adaptable guide, Larry Olsen will uncover what works for you.


Don’t Take Our Word for It –

“Larry Olsen’s ideas fresh, compelling and very powerful. He makes the complex relationship between gray matter and self-fulfillment easy to understand in context of our own experience.” – Jim Koslowski, Former SVP of PepsiCo.

“I started reading Larry Olsen’s book at the beginning of a career change. As I move through my new adventure in life, I find myself relying on his words about attitude, relating to my experiences, and outlook. The book has allowed me to develop my own business which has grown by over 300% since putting these techniques and, more importantly this attitude to work. Larry’s book is a journey not of discovery but of rediscovery; the rediscovery of our own individual potential; A TRUE NEW PERSPECITVE!” – Scott Seay, Entrepreneur