Get a Vision and Live IT – Audio

Complete Set of Lessons 1-8

The complete set of lessons from the L.I.F.E. (Lessons in the Fundamentals of Excellence) are available for purchase as a CD or a digital download. Not sure if this is for you? Check out one of the individual lessons below and test the waters. You'll be glad you did. 

Get a Vision and Live IT – Audio Download

This audio series consists of four engaging hours with Larry Olsen explaining how the application of subtle techniques can result in your experiencing superior performance, record-breaking results, and personal and professional prosperity. Available in CD or digital download.


Get a vision and live IT – Complete Audio CD (Lessons 1-8)

Founder and creator of Aperneo, Larry Olsen, created an audio series where you have the opportunity to spend four engaging hours one-on-one with Larry in the comfort of your car, home or where ever you find yourself plugged in.

His information is both effective and inspiring because it is rooted in scientific fact. Allow Larry the opportunity to explain how the application of subtle techniques can result in your experiencing superior performance by learning the key process critical to achieving your full potential, record-breaking results and personal and professional prosperity. It’s only a click away.


Individual Lessons

The individual lessons from the L.I.F.E. (Lessons in the Fundamentals of Excellence) are available for purchase. 

Lesson 1 – Genius W-I, Wants Out

The Genius within is all about how incredible we are and the science to prove it. It provides the insights necessary to free us from our current challenges and open up new possibilities that were once only a dream.


Lesson 2 – RAS for Success

The gift of being able to accomplish twice what we’re doing now, in half the time, with twice the fun is our birthright; but it we don’t know we have it, we can’t open it and ourselves to all the possibilities it has to offer.


Lesson 3 – How successful can we be driving into the future while looking through the rearview mirror?

What we achieve in our life is all about the decisions we make and 95% of them are already made for us. With this new understanding, one stops looking backward to once was, and begins to excitedly look forward to what could be.


Lesson 4 – The most powerful force on the planet, ATTITUDE

In this lesson you’ll not only learn where our attitudes come from, but more importantly how to change them should they be holding us back. Learn how to change your attitude, or you’ll change your opportunity every single time. Larry Olsen


Lesson 5 – 5 easy S.T.E.P.S. to Prosperity

What if all we had to do was imagine what we want and we’d get it. It’s just 5 easy S.T.E.P.S. away; let’s take them now.


Lesson 6 – Getting what you want is as easy as getting home

Why are we so good at some things yet fall short in others? In this lesson, you’ll unlock the secrets to that and more and discover that if you can get home you can accomplish anything.


Lesson 7 – Vision accomplishment is simply becoming the picture

Since most of our thinking is based on the past, is it any wonder that attempting to create a new vision, our past may talk us out of it rather than into it? Learn to stop delaying for the perfect ‘HOW’ and start igniting your genius within to live your incredible vision ‘NOW’.


Lesson 8 – Getting the most out of LIFE NOW!

Summing it all up by becoming aware of the R.O.X-Talk cycle. Knowing where it came from, how it works and what it would mean to you and those around you, to truly be having the time of your life right now!