Podcast Ep. 78 – Enriching Others

Larry Olsen November 30, 2021

Dr. Kathy Abels, was Born and raised in Southern California, earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and serving clients in her private practice for nearly two decades. Dr. Abels was instrumental in developing the Simon Scholars Program into what it is today: an intensive, college-prep support initiative that aims to help disadvantaged high school students overcome adversity and develop into college-educated leaders who are actively engaged in their communities. In this engaging and powerful interview, you’ll hear what it takes to get comfortable with discomfort and that what may seem overwhelming at first, is more than surmountable with a little help from your friends. More about this program @: https://simonscholars.org/


Larry Olsen: Welcome. I’m Larry Olsen, and what’s on your mind? Once set, it delivers your life. To change the outcomes we want, we must change the plays we’re running. Join us at Mindset Playbook with Real people – Real talk for Real insight.

Narrator: Today’s episode is sponsored by Aperneo, An Achievement Acceleration Company, whose approach to professional development enables clients to gain insights and perspectives to live, work, and engage with more success.



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