Podcast Ep. 66 – Moves from the Heart

Larry Olsen September 7, 2021


Christina Walls has created a life of success through trusting her heart’s desires. A believer in treating everyone with love she has found financial success through Land Investing. The internal obstacles she was able to overcome that led her to her goal also inspired her to become a coach, aiding her clients to reach their potential and to overcome internal blocks that can hinder one’s growth. She is passionately creating the life she desires and is helping others do the same. Her favorite question to ask clients is, “What is the price you are paying for not following your dreams?” https://christinawallsbeinspired.blogspot.com/


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Larry Olsen  Welcome, everyone, to Mindset, Playbook, and whatever you happen to be doing in your life, I want to thank you so much for taking this time out to invest in yourself. Got some wonderful information for you today. And I think you’re going to find it absolutely mind bending if you will. I have the pleasure today to introduce you to Christina Walls. Christina is a land investor, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who has a drive to create the life she wants to live and to help others do the same. She believes until our mind frame changes, we cannot change. And I couldn’t agree more. It’s her goal to not only work on herself, but to see others rise, to meet their potential as well, to be inspired, move forward, and dream big. Who doesn’t want to do that? You’ll often see her traveling and enjoying the company of co-life creators. She may ask this of you what is the price you’re paying for not following your dreams? Well, welcome, Kristina, and thank you for sharing your time in life with us.


Christina Walls [00:02:55] Thank you, Larry. It’s a pleasure to be here.


Larry Olsen [00:02:58] Let’s start our conversation today by having you share. What price do you feel you paid by not following your dreams? And what can our listeners do if they find themselves not following theirs.


Christina Walls [00:03:12] So for years, I would say that I have like a desire inside to be big, and I would try on some levels, but I was hindered, and I always felt a like kind of like the water at the dam that wants to spill over. And I felt like, man, what why can’t I get there? Why can’t I get there? So, I would start things and I would finish things, but I never quite felt like I was flowing. I never felt like I was good enough. I never felt like I was reaching my potential. And it was frustrating, you know. And so, the price that I was paying was I was doing one thing while wishing I was doing another thing. And you never satisfied whatever. You just kind of living under what you feel is a calling or your destiny or your journey whenever you’re just in survival mode, trying to just pay the bills and carry on with life. And for me, that was the price that I paid. And but in retrospect, when I look at it, it was part of my journey and. There were lessons that I had to learn along the way. A lot of some crying, some laughter or some failure, some ups and downs. And at this point, I really do look at it as part of my journey that has unfolded. It took me a little longer than I would have preferred.  But look. Forty-nine, they say the 50 is the new 30, so I’m cool with that. That’s great.


Larry Olsen [00:05:15] So you’ve mentioned this. Not feeling like you were good enough. What do you think that came from? Because I know a lot of us go through that or are going through that as we speak.


Christina Walls [00:05:29] So for me, it’s kind of an interesting unfolding for years, I didn’t quite even realize that I was functioning that way, because I couldn’t I mean, I had this feeling like when I would be in social settings, I would feel like I didn’t measure up. I would feel like I didn’t I wasn’t good enough. I would feel like that life was not for me. I couldn’t attain it. It was always somebody else that could attain it. And so, these are deep issues that have got to be addressed. And for me in my life, I was born into a family and there were some problems. You know, my father was an alcoholic or a womanizer. The marriage that broke up and I can remember he had left when I was young, and I remember seeing him with his new woman’s children. And I was like, I want it to be that person. So that kind of I interpreted that situation as though it was me, I was lacking, but again, interpreted the situation. Years later, I recall thinking about my dad, and I remember thinking, if you were to ask my dad if he loved me, he would say absolutely. And once I started realizing that. Sometimes what you need in life, you don’t necessarily get from the person that you think you need it from, but you have to understand that they did their best for wherever they were in their life at that time. And once I kind of realized that I was able to see that on a grand scale. I just kind of let it go and I started to realize that, and I also was able to see at that point that I had made choices in my life that reflected I didn’t have value, you know, and so I was just trying to mirror that in my life. And until I began to heal and until I begin to recognize these things, and until I began to realize that I do have value and it’s not based off of anybody, you know, it’s, my God, given right to have value.


Christina Walls [00:07:54] And so once that was kind of established within my heart and it was in my heart, it wasn’t somebody didn’t sit me down and say, well, you know, “Christina, you are loved.” No, I had to come to terms with it. And it’s and it’s phenomenal because all of a sudden, the world opens up and it beautiful.


Larry Olsen [00:08:21] Did all the people change around me or something. Right? How come they’re all being so nice now?


Christina Walls [00:08:29] Why does you love me all of a sudden. Maybe because you love yourself.


Larry Olsen [00:08:37] Maybe you know, that is such an intellectual pursuit that most people are on, you know, that commandment of “love thy neighbor like thyself.” And we find most people do. And that’s the problem is, is we haven’t gotten to the point where we can love ourselves. We hear about it. It’s bumper sticker. However, it’s a cliche. And what did you do to because it wasn’t a one ‘aha.’ Moment, I’m sure for you. What did what did you have to do to continue to build that new belief that would override that old one for you.


Christina Walls [00:09:17] So. I can remember a few pivotal times in my life I had. I was in a marriage, and it was tumultuous, and I remember thinking, like, what is going on here? And I remember one day there was a situation and it was just not good. And I remember thinking for the first time, yeah, this isn’t working for me anymore because it didn’t resonate with me anymore. I no longer felt like nothing. And suddenly I was like, everything that was being said and going on, I was like, this has nothing to do with me. This is this person’s own pain. And I was like, it was kind of like liberating, you know, to not take it personally because I had started to heal. 


Larry Olsen [00:10:16] So you were healing within a tumultuous relationship is that what your sharing?


Christina Walls [00:10:20] I started to heal because I was seeking it. I did not. I wanted to change. And I started realizing that I was trying to change him. I was the one that needed to change. And once I realized that I made the choice to be in this marriage, that wasn’t healthy. So why did I make that choice? And I made that choice. And this is kind of a deep issue. Know, I made that choice because I was trying to resolve a deeper issue that cannot be resolved with another person. It has to be resolved again in my heart, in me. So, it’s kind of interesting how all of this unfolds. I get out of the marriage, no hard feelings. I understand it for what it was. And I realized then I. So, then I started to pursue what I wanted to pursue in life. I wanted to go into investing. So, I go into investing. And all of a sudden it starts unfolding. I start getting new friends. I’m in a new circle, and our conversations are about growing and healing and making money and how we can improve our relationships. And I was like, what just happened? You know? But then I, I came to a point where I felt kind of stuck and I didn’t know how to like, how do I how do I hear, how do I heal to grow.


Larry Olsen [00:11:48] “how do I sustain this, right?”


Christina Walls [00:11:50] Not only how do I sustain it, how are the how do I make the changes? So, I’m no longer attracting the same mess. And so, I realized one thing was that there are things that you can never resolve. You just have to forgive, let go and heal and move on. And once I started in that, honestly, as a result of meditating, you know, sitting and listening and seeing things kind of like I would in in my meditation, you know, I will like kind of look at my life as though it’s not my life. And I’ll be like, oh, I can see, you know, where I was in error here. You know why I made these choices? Because I kind of detach from it and I’m looking at it from a different perspective. And once that started happening, it’s like I started realizing that my healing was wrapped up in letting things go. You know, my healing was wrapped up in having the courage to do what I wanted to do.


Larry Olsen [00:13:06] Without asking for permission, huh?


Christina Walls [00:13:08] Without asking for permission. And then a big part of this, if you are in conversation with me for any time on why talk about love? You know, because I feel like I feel like you have to you have to be open the loans and it resonates in your personal life. It resonates in your business. It resonates and you interact with people


Larry Olsen [00:13:31] that is such a big word. And everybody has heard it before. Yeah. And one of the things that I like to do is I like to find out the meanings that other people attach to these things so that I can learn more about what it means to you instead of just hearing it and go, yeah, I know what that means. And then I understand it only through my own filters, my own experiences. And they may not be what they could be, but if I don’t have a frame of reference or I don’t have the opportunity to hear from other people, and if I’m in a limiting situation to begin with, where I’ve surrounded myself with other needy people, which is typically what happens when you’re in need, you find someone else who is in need because someone who’s not is going to be uncomfortable with you anyway or not attracted to you. So how do you define love? What does that word mean for you?


Christina Walls [00:14:28] Well, love is so beautiful to me, it’s kind of a little hard to explain, I guess, when I think about it. It’s an opening. It’s the opening of my heart to kind of where people are, where I am. It’s a matter of being patient and loving a person right, for where they are not trying to control them, not trying to change them. And the same with myself, but also going past. Sometimes people respond to pain. They’re responding to a story that they believe that’s a lie. And for me, love is kind of moving beyond that. And just like I had to find value in myself, it’s finding that equal value in other people. You don’t necessarily have to like everything about their behavior, but you can love. And to me, I am free to love. I can give my love to another whether they give it back if it has no relationship one to another. I don’t need your love for me to love, to get love. And when I realized that. I was like, that is so powerful. You know, there’s a lot of power, there’s a lot of depth to it and how when you function like that. It’s strange that the people that like approach you because they can sense that you’re not like towards them, you’re open towards them and all of a sudden, the conversations aren’t so shallow. Mm hmm. And I love good conversations about real life. And you’re having conversations with people like in this city on the train, you know, to be about.


Larry Olsen [00:16:22] Where you would have been shy about it before or you would have been I don’t have anything to share with them. So, I’m going to stay in my own world, which is safe, limiting, but safe. And there’s something to be said about safety, because a lot of people feel that if they grow and if they attempt to change themselves, then everything’s going to fall down around them like a house of cards because of that fear element. Right. And it’s just the opposite is true in you are, you know, a model of that by your sharing’s. When I discovered that I was going to be the only one that was going to be able to fix me or change me or accept me, it really opened it up to not being intimidated or afraid any longer or it is damn judgmental as I was. Yeah. About where this person was at, and then I’m sure the energy I was sending was not hey coming into my life.


Christina Walls [00:17:28] No.


Larry Olsen [00:17:29] Right. Who wants to be there? But this is such a blessing that you’re sharing because I totally believe that love is it cannot be fought, it cannot destroy, it can only accept.  And if people can’t start by accepting themselves. And then a good first step is to realize when you go to a movie, can you change the movie? Can you change the characters? No, you can just sit back and enjoy. Yeah, but what you’re saying is in life, you can actually ask questions and even find out more. You don’t have to be followed by the director of the script. And you just you just have such beautiful energy.


Christina Walls [00:18:19] Also one of the things that. I realized is that I was born into my family’s history, and therefore I had to realize that it’s not my history and it does not need to be you know, I don’t need to. You know, you’re born to a mother, you’re born to the father, so you’re taught things as a child. It’s like by osmosis, you know, just because you’re in that home. And when I started realizing that when I sat down and I looked in front of me and I could pick and choose the good from my family and the and get rid of that, which doesn’t work for me, you know, and no matter what it is, whether it’s relationships, money, ambition, desire or whatever it is. And when I realized that, OK, now I’m not going to do that. Yeah, I’ll take that. That’s good. I take it, you know. And then when I stopped caring about what other people thought of me and again, you know, there was a time period when I was probably a hypocrite, you know, probably OK. I was just like you were saying, like I had these judgments and I thought it had to be this had to be this. I had to be that way. But the more I opened up, suddenly I’m in front of people that are completely different from me.  And I’m like listening for the first time instead of just pushing away. And I’m like, oh, my gosh. And we’re having these great conversations and we’re vibing. And, you know, the next thing you know, you’re like, my perception was so wrong. Oh, yeah. Well, you know, and if you can’t say that about yourself, then you’re probably not being very honest because we all have these preconceived ideas about people, you know, and whether you want to stay there, you can stay there or you can move.


Larry Olsen [00:20:48] But don’t be complaining.


Christina Walls [00:20:51] Why don’t you just take it away from me?


Larry Olsen [00:20:54] Exactly.


Christina Walls [00:20:55] We can’t be friends.


Larry Olsen [00:20:58] You know, I have really found that that I am I’m a dog person and I’m always attracted to people who are dog people because when they come into your house, if they’re your dog can tell what kind of person this is and some it’ll bark at others it just embraces. And it’s and it’s interesting to me. What is that about? And it’s about not coming from fear.


Christina Walls [00:21:26] Yes.


Larry Olsen [00:21:26] And why do we come from fear? Because we’re afraid we’re going to lose something. And what are we afraid we’re going to lose? You know, there’s that couldn’t be a whole other topic. But in your case, you realize the only thing I can lose are the things that are holding me back.


Christina Walls [00:21:44] Yes, that’s right. That’s right. And so, the beauty of it is once you pass through that fear, what you want on the other side and you’re like, oh, my gosh. So, once you start making that a habit, you know, I truly am an entrepreneur. Like I am primarily a land investor, primarily I’m a lead investor. And I love real estate, real estate. But I always like I have desires of my own that are entrepreneurial things that I want to express. So once so every time you’re faced with that, would you want to do your hit with that fear over and over again? It’s not a one-time deal. So, you’re like, OK, it’s going to cost me a lot of money. It might put me out there. Oh, my gosh. OK, just do it. And then suddenly you cross. Do you have the money to pay for it? You have the skills needed to do what you need to do and then you do it and then you’re like, satisfied in a while. And then all of a sudden you get another idea. Oh gosh, what if I tried this?  Yeah.


Larry Olsen [00:22:52] Wow, absolutely. You get well, you get the courage to take the next step.


Christina Walls [00:22:57] Oh yeah. Right. And that’s what’s on the other side of fear.


Larry Olsen [00:23:01] Yeah. That’s great. I want to give you the opportunity to share with our listeners what, what you can offer them. Should they get in touch with you on this land investing thing or in the coaching or whatever it is you want to you want to share with them?


Christina Walls [00:23:20] Absolutely so handful of years ago when I had made the decision to go into investing, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. And I had gone to my local area and there was a German guy, Jacques Bosch, standing in front of me giving this, you know, a talk on land investing. And so, I had gone forward, and it bought into the program, did a deal in thirty days, made eight thousand dollars, and then just began to repeat and began to get better at the business. And then I went into coaching because again, I knew I had a mental block in growing my business, I. Do deals, do deals? No problem, but my issue was scaling. I didn’t have a business education and I can tell again there was some kind of block inside and I had a great coach who I love even to this day, and went through the program, was able to learn to scale, went through some barriers, and then they have asked me to be a coach. It’s called the land profit generator for LBG. And it’s a fantastic way to go into investing because you could buy and sell land all over the United States. So, the benefit in my world, why it was so attractive to me, I like to travel. I wanted to create a business around how I wanted to live. And I can do it from anywhere in the world. You know, you can do it part time and make easily one hundred thousand dollars. Just part time. Just part time, you know, accidentally, you know, or you


Larry Olsen [00:25:01] Now you’re bringing up the fear in everybody, “now too good to be true, right?”


Christina Walls [00:25:09] That’s right. And I promise you, I tell my students, look, if I can do it, you can do it. I didn’t know how to do Excel spreadsheets. I had had a service business prior to this. I had very little real estate experience. But, you know, the land really resonated with me because I didn’t have to fix a house. I didn’t have to paint walls. I didn’t have replaced floors like flippers do. And literally, as long as you have Internet, you really can do it from anywhere so that you should have access to the link. It’s a landflippingfund.com and that leads you to a free webinar just to introduce you to land if you are interested in doing it. I have found that it’s fantastic. Not only know I create passive income with it through selling land on seller financing, it creates cash, which is always good to have to grow your business and to travel and to buy other income producing assets and businesses. And, you know, it kind of funds a lifestyle, you know, that some other real estates don’t offer. You know, I love passive income. I love it. I think it’s great. And I also like being able to offer people a business based around how they want to live, you know, and for me, that was land. And the community of investors are phenomenal. Just this morning, I had a brunch with three other land investors. We like love each other. we’re like family. We travel and see each other. You know, we meet with one another. And in terms of support, I’ve never had a career where I had so much support and love and, you know, personal growth. Again, when we get together, we talk about deals. But again, we talk about that mindset. Yeah. What’s hindering me to get to the million-dollar mark? What’s hindering me to get to a bigger deal? You know, and the conversations are just I always leave like, yes, I can take on the world. And you need a circle of friends like that.  And I have found that in investing. Thankfully.


Larry Olsen [00:27:45] But I think one of the things that is that is so compelling about you is your authenticity. And I think you’ve got that in spades. I think that is your home run is you’re not afraid to be you. And I think that, you know, I often share with people that the only person that you can do without faking it, spoiling it, screwing it up is yourself. But the moment we think we got to be something other than that in order to get the love or the attention or the gratitude or the celebrity or whatever it is that we think we need, we just keep chasing our tail. And you have put it in such wonderful terms that are so easy to understand. What do you want to have our listeners that are either riding their bikes or working out, they’re either just all they’re doing is just listening to this and nothing else is going on? What would you like to put on their mind? Because we’ve got listeners that are trying to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their life. And we’ve got listeners that want to take it to the next level in their life. So, what could you offer them?


Christina Walls [00:29:18] Well, if they’re interested in land, find me on Facebook, that’s probably the easiest way. Christina Walls, if you’re seeing this, I look like me. There’s no cat fishing or whatever you call it.


Christina Walls [00:29:33] I would say. Go and do what’s in your heart to do, it’s not it’s very seldomly about do I have enough money? And people think, oh, I can’t I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough education. If you begin to move in the direction that you feel is for you in your heart, move in it. If you mess up, who cares? You know, everybody’s messing up. Just be gentle with yourself and laugh when you mess up. Just laugh at yourself and move on, you know what I’m saying? But I would say move in the direction that you want to move in. And when you move in that direction wholeheartedly and you press the fear and you press down and you heal and you address issues in your life, the world will open up in ways you could not imagine. And that is a beautiful song.


Larry Olsen [00:30:35] And that’s fantastic. When, as all of us have experienced in our lives, is we’ve we think we’re following our heart. We’ve burned the ships if you will. You know, the old story of the boat. Why did you burn the ships? How are you going to leave? That’s the point. We’re committed. We’re not going anywhere. And yet they’ll confront something that’ll just dismember them. It’ll throw them off. And what do you what do you suggest to them when they find this despair that not only are they bringing it on themselves because we know that we’re now allowing the circumstance to dictate to us instead of us bringing what we want to the circumstance, what is what are some tips that you could offer when we do get kind of into our in our own desperation, if you will?


Christina Walls [00:31:37] You are at the cusp of freedom and that if you are willing to take that obstacle, no matter what it is and deal with it, go through it, usually in life, when stuff just falls apart, there’s a very, very, very, very valuable lesson sitting right in your lap. So, what you do with it, people either run from it because it creates pain. They run from it because it creates fear. They run from it because it creates vulnerability. But if you are willing to look at it, deal with the pain, be vulnerable, get through it again, you will have jewels in your crown that are lessons that will help you overcome the obstacles is a great book. The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Polidor. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but he really, I read it some years ago and it was eye opening to me in terms of how once you deal with obstacles and he had dealt with military. He talked about military and the burning the boat. I love that analogy. They burnt the boat so they couldn’t return. So, they had to deal with what was in front of them and what was on the other side. Victory. Yeah, this is a beautiful example of our lives if we are willing. You know, I talked about my dad earlier. My father passed away and he never dealt with certain things. He went to his grave, sadly, having never opened up to love, you know, and I look at that and its but he’s not unique. You can see it, you can see it, and it’s a very sad story, but. I don’t want that to be my story. I don’t want it to be anybody’s story.


Larry Olsen [00:33:44] It doesn’t have to be.


Christina Walls [00:33:45] That’s right it does not have to be, you know, so what to do in those times that are challenging? Be willing to get through them. You know, that’s I would say that’s why marriages fail. That’s why businesses oftentimes fail. That’s why relationships crumble and families break up and people hate one another just because they’re not willing to press through the uncomfortable. They want to feel safe, safe and so overrated.


Larry Olsen [00:34:15] And talk about it. Don’t hide from it. Don’t spend the whole relationship and fear because you’re afraid you’re going to break the relationship up. And you’ve got to be honest, and you’ve got to talk about the challenges and because the challenge isn’t with one another, the challenges of how you’re interpreting one another,


Christina Walls [00:34:33] and that’s huge. 


Larry Olsen [00:34:36] So and what I hear you saying, too, is when we get into the between a rock and a hard spot and the more we focus on the obstacle, the less we focus on the vision.  And it’s like taking an eraser every time you focus on the obstacle, erase the vision a little bit, folks. Pretty soon you don’t even see it. So, one of the things I hear you saying is don’t leave yourself an escape route.


Christina Walls [00:35:01] Yes, right, I am. So, I have a dear friend who has so inspired me. She she’s an immigrant. She came here. She went from making fifteen thousand a year to making over thirty thousand a month in like two years. And I asked her, I said, what changed in you? She said, first I committed I was all in. Secondly, I look only at the goal. And I said, yes, the goal, not the problem. So sometimes when I wake up and I’m like, oh, this and all that, I’m like, what’s the goal? This is the goal. The problem is not the issue. Look at the goal. And I promise you, when you do that, I mean, it’s just like changes in how you function because you’re not like sitting in lack. Yeah, because when usually you wake up, you might be like, oh, well, I didn’t close enough deals this month. I didn’t make enough money. Look, that’s irrelevant. What’s the goal?


Larry Olsen [00:36:08] Yeah. What’s your purpose? What’s the vision behind it.


Christina Walls [00:36:11] Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. And it’s and it’s, it’s working for me. Yeah.


Larry Olsen [00:36:17] Right. You are a testament to it indeed.


Christina Walls [00:36:22] Well you know,


Larry Olsen [00:36:23] it’s been a pleasure and I’m sure our listeners have had a very, very enjoyable time and gained a lot of insights into one. You look in the mirror, don’t turn your head and focus on your beauty. Focus on what you love most about yourself. And if the nose is bent a little bit, you know, I mean, that’s that that’s part of your uniqueness. You know, you need to wallow in it. So, I thank you, Christina. It’s been it’s been a real joy and investing your time with us. I also want to share with our listeners that you can find out all the information you need and more to be enthralled and to get great insights and learnings into change in your life, not only financially, but just how you how you live it by getting more involved with Christina Walls and her offerings. And I’d like to wrap it up by just sharing with all of you that no matter what’s going on in your life right now, remember, wherever you are is exactly where you need to be. So, it’s not about that. It’s all about what do you plan on doing about it. And as we just heard from Christina and make that goal, make that vision stronger than current reality and current reality does is keep you on track. It doesn’t keep you from getting what you want. So, it’s been an ultimate joy. It’s nice to find another human being that believes in the power of love. And you’ve been fun. And we’re all grateful for having this time with you.


Christina Walls [00:38:00] Thank you, Larry. I appreciate your time as well.


Larry Olsen [00:38:04] All the best to everybody. And listen up and you’ll hear who our next guest is going to be. Take care.


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