Podcast Ep. 52 – Where One Door Closes, Another Opens

Larry Olsen June 1, 2021

Larry recaps his last three episodes pulling out the most important lessons from each. We will hear him talk about how important it is to value yourself and wake up each morning with a blank slate, not living the past or the future, but valuing yourself and valuing the day—as we learned from Geoff Nicholson battling his illness. We jump over to a quick insight about how even the shyest salesman, Stephen Jones, created a successful marketing business by breaking his pattern through learning to listen and make the conversation about others instead of putting pressure on himself to speak. And we finish off with Tom Beakbane who wrote his book about ‘consilience.’ A concept which means creating an understanding of the world that opens you up to everything instead of creating limiting beliefs constructs. There is a lot of gold in this episode, so give it a listen & I promise you will learn something valuable.



larry olsen

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