Leaning into Our Own Vulnerability

Larry Olsen May 20, 2020

We are all dealing with uncertainty in this time of our lives. Moving forward in uncertainty creates vulnerability and vulnerability can feel unsafe. Our brains love certainty, so when we are in times like today, is there any wonder why people are feeling the way they are feeling?

We are in a time of great learning and exploration; looking for answers that we didn’t have before. The certainty only comes from looking back after things have passed. The only certainty we can find now is in what’s working, feels safe, and doesn’t hurt anyone around us. We are all more courageous than most give themselves credit for, and because of that, we got through yesterday. 

Each day offers great opportunity, knowledge, new understandings and gratefulness, and for that I am certain. Guess what, we just found some certainty in the uncertain.

Stay safe, be there for others at a safe distance, and share your learnings with us all, and then we can all say with certainty; ‘this too shall pass’.