Intelligent Selling System™ Connecting the Brain and Heart for Accelerated Sales

Join Larry Olsen of Aperneo and award-winning Mike Columbus as they share a lifetime of sales experience on March 10th at 8am where you will learn:

  • To connect and unleash one’s innate ability to achieve record-breaking performance.

  • How to avoid common bad habits and come out of the gate quicker than your current performance.

  • Developing long-term relationships where customers sell for you year after year.

  • How the mind works so you can motivate, grow, and achieve positive results in a short period of time.

  • To easily go beyond what you currently think is possible.

March 10th, 8am to 12pm MST

$499 per person (limited to 30 people)

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There will never be any other time than now. Don’t wait to increase your revenue, experience more joy, and create a career of a lifetime.


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Old Sales Model

In the traditional sales model, buyers hate interacting with pushy, high-pressure salespeople, and salespeople hate buyers that lie, waste their time, and ask for discounts or shop them against the competition.

The Buyer's Strategy

Most people are not even aware of it, but they have adapted a self-defense strategy against the typical salesperson. It starts at an early age when you see how your parents fended off salespeople, and it becomes ingrained your sub-conscientious as a default response when you feel any kind of “sale” coming your way. Many of us have even developed a few tricks to get what we need out of the salesperson and then get rid of them without committing to anything.

No one wins

Many people think salespeople are manipulative, but it is fair to say that the prospect can be just as manipulative as the salesperson. The salesperson gives up their unpaid consulting, and the amateur buyer is left making a partially informed decision. These complementary systems have destroyed trust and cost us all too much for too long.

Doing the wrong thing more enthusiastically

Just because everyone else in your industry is selling that way doesn’t mean you have to. Everyone knows those veterans in their industry who work half as much but make twice as much as everyone else. Those kinds of results are possible for you, too. You can have fun in the sales process, take off early on Friday, and still grow your business. You just need to change the way you approach sales.

Intelligent Selling System™

Understanding the simple yet amazing brain techniques stops us from reacting to the way it’s always been, while enjoying the exciting results of our new mindset. Connecting our brain with our heart in the sales process will open the way for relationships that can last a lifetime and reap unending rewards for the salesperson.

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