How You’re Letting ‘Old Thinking’ Dictate Your Future

Larry Olsen August 12, 2020

Are you one of the 1%? One of the 1% of the world’s population that actually knows “how” to think? The other 99% think about whatever happens to be on their minds, whether it’s good for them or not. What many of us don’t know is that we have become who we are based on the thinking that we have accumulated along the way.

Only one person controls your experience in life – you.

Have you ever noticed that you’re the only one who can see things from your perspective? Wherever you go, you’re always there! You are also the only one who knows how you are doing in every area of your life.

It’s worth pointing out that none of us are immortal. We all have the opportunity now to experience life to the fullest, yet sometimes things “happen to us” and prevent us from succeeding. Most of us would like to believe that we’re proactive, that we “happen” to life, rather than the other way around. But that rarely happens if you don’t know the power of your own thinking. So, why is that?

Our minds have been conditioned to think a certain way, and our behaviors follow our attitudes. Did you know that approximately 70 Billion people have lived over the course of history on this planet? Currently you are one among 7+ Billion people. No two of these people have had exactly the same genetic blueprint or fingerprint. We’re all different. We’re all unique. Not only are we unlike anyone else—we’re not supposed to be like anyone else.

You and I are at our absolute best when we are our own magnificent selves, but we live in a society that attempts to make us all the same. We’ve become so used to believing that all we have to do is “show up” and let things happen that we usually just respond automatically, whether the situation is good or bad.

Have you ever asked yourself how much of your thinking affects you as an individual? How much control do you have over your own thoughts? Are you maximizing the opportunities that your brain presents to you? No. At best, you and I are just scratching the surface of what’s possible for us, but some of us have scratched so long that we now have a firm grip on our lives.

The good news is this: your attitude, rather than your knowledge or experience, determines your ultimate success. But your knowledge and experience created your attitude.

Does that sound like a Catch-22? Are you thinking, “I’m right back where I started from?” Well, to that I say, “Not really”. The answer to prosperity lies in becoming aware of your own thinking and its power to create, and then learning how to control your thinking. Why? Because if we don’t learn how to control our own thinking, our thinking will control us.

The focus of my message in my coaching and virtual workshops is “you can control your thinking, and thus transform your own life!” But to accomplish that, you’ve got to leave some old attitudes behind. Through my one-on-one and group experiences, people begin to see how easy this is once they fully understand how to affect their own thinking. It’s not difficult. In fact, many people from my workshops struggle with how simple it is. Many times I’ve been told, “If I had known how easy it is to change, I would have done it years ago.” We’ve been taught that life is a struggle, and the vast majority of people still believe that.

So, what is an attitude about something that you’ve developed that needs to change? Is it an attitude about a particular employee, family member or friend that was developed by an experience that you’re holding on to? Do you have an attitude about an activity, such as public speaking, making money or your golf game that is based solely on past experiences?

Let’s start creating new thoughts together that you use to control the outcome you really want for yourself, and not just let old thoughts carve your future paths.

attitude determines your ultimate success

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