How to Be the Change You Want to See

Larry Olsen January 7, 2020

You have probably heard the quote from Gandhi which is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” What Gandhi is saying by that is, act as if you are, rather than wish you or others were. An example would be; I wish others were more understanding rather than I am understanding with others and myself.

How do you want to be today as you interact with your family, co-workers, strangers and friends? Once you’ve decided that, set your navigation system (your Reticular Activating System “RAS”) by defining that vision in your mind and set that expectation. So for example, if I want more patience in my world then I need to be patient. Trust me, you’ll have many situations that will require your patience today and with practice, we can’t help but get better!

Being the change you want to see takes place by you demonstrating the change first and then others see your example.

Do you find yourself stressed after your day and then taking it home to your family and friends? If you’d like to change it, then rather than wait for calming situations, be the calm within the stress. Whenever I’d find myself allowing situations to bring me stress, I’d pull over, practice calmness and then start the car up and head home; the whole family benefited from my calming example.

Every morning when you wake up, you can affirm this to yourself by saying, “I am calm and efficient in all situations”. You now are the solution and example of what you want in the world and like anything, with practice you’ll only get better.

Here’s to being the person we want to be!