Have You Talked Yourself Out of the Leader You Want to Be?

Larry Olsen February 3, 2020

Let me ask you… Do you want to be a great leader? Are you interested in becoming one? Then act like one—right now.

I’ll share an interesting story with you that happened several years ago. I was on site at a client organization and was asked to do a one-on-one coaching session with a salesperson. About a half-hour into the session, the discussion turned to management. He admitted that he would have loved to have been a manager, but he believed that he was too old. I asked, “Why do you think you could make a contribution to the organization?”

He replied that he had run his own company for years and spent years before that in several management positions. He felt that considering his experience, as well as the fair share of the wisdom he’d gained with age, his leadership would be extremely beneficial to his company. I asked him why he wasn’t pursuing his vision. He replied, “Do you know what the average age in this company is? 26. And I’m 50.”

I said, “Let me see if I understand what you just said. You feel that you would bring value to the growth of this company, but because of your age, you are in no danger of making it into management. Is that the gist of your story?” He nodded and said, “That’s it.” I asked him another question. “Have you let anyone know that you want to get into management?” “Why would I do that?” he replied. “Didn’t you get the age thing, Larry?” “No, I didn’t get the age thing,” I said. “What I got was the excuse thing.”

I then asked him if he wanted my feedback, and he said that was why he was talking to me in the first place. I told him that the “age thing” was his thing, not the company’s, unless he vocalized it. If he was interested in getting into management, he needed to take two very important steps: First, he had to let the leadership of the organization in on his vision, and second—and most important—he had to start acting like a leader right now!

Not all my clients take my advice, but he did. In less than three months, he became the organization’s General Sales Manager.

So, let me ask you… What is one thing you “want” to do, but have talked yourself out of because of limiting beliefs? Got that one thing in your mind? Are you short-changing yourself because of past experiences or what someone has told you?

I challenge you to TAKE ACTION right now on the first step that would get you to that vision you see for yourself. Want to share it with me so I can help keep you accountable? Instant message me or share it in the comments below.

Have You Talked Yourself Out of the Leader You Want to Be