Do You Want to Be A Great Leader? Vision Is the Key.

Larry Olsen January 15, 2020

The best leaders bring out the best in others. When I use the term “leaders,” I mean that in the broadest sense possible. Even if no one reports to you, or if you do not technically “lead” anyone else, you are still a leader, because you are leading yourself. If you do so unselfishly, the model you create automatically brings about positive change in others. To me, everyone is a leader.

Unfortunately, most of corporate America relies on fear to motivate employees. “When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.” Control rather than innovation. “You’d better do it, or you’ll get the ax.” “You’d better say or think this, or you won’t be part of the ‘team.’ This type of leadership is anything but inspiring, and it’s no way to build self-esteem in others. Self-esteem and performance go hand-in-hand. Raise self-esteem, and you raise performance. Lower it, and, well, you know the rest.

Leaders do not bring out the best in someone by finding fault with him or her. The people under a leader who does this will not rally around that leader. In fact, the opposite will happen.

This all gets back to attitude, as this chart illustrates:

A leader should be an inspirational factor in the lives of others. Let’s make this even simpler, because a leader’s job is simple. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a manager, or a business owner, as a leader, your job is to create an environment where others can succeed. The moment I make you number one and put myself in second place, I will always be number one in your mind.

If you set a vision and create an environment for others to grow and succeed, they will, but too often, leaders just give orders. They tell others what to do, “strongly suggesting” that certain things be done, certain actions be taken, and certain attitudes be held. It’s all about manipulation. When leaders do this, employees accept it because they feel they have to, but they will only give back just enough to get the job done. They won’t go any further than they have to.

Want to be a great visionary leader? Simply find out what your people want and lead them to it.

vision is key to leadership