Do you see what I see? What coaching does for individuals.

Larry Olsen February 3, 2021

Professional coaching has been around for decades, and there are some very qualified professionals who know how to coach people the right way. So, why is “being coached” so important?

Individual coaching, the Aperneo way, takes a person from where they are now, to where they want to be and how to overcome the obstacles along the way. The specifics of it are what make it unique. This kind of coaching is based more on the personal goals they want to accomplish or the challenges they want to overcome.

But can you see what you can’t see? Are you aware of what you’re not aware of? Even though this is a product of the human condition, it helps to have people in your corner moving you towards those personal goals by helping you “see”.

I think you may have something in your teeth…

If you were at a party, and it was hard for you to engage in conversations because you have social anxiety – you would struggle with introducing yourself to someone and starting a conversation. You would be aware of this, and you might even seek out help with books, courses or coaching to help with your social anxiety so you could be more comfortable in these types of situations.

This is an issue you know of – are aware of.

But what about the ones you aren’t aware of? For example, you enjoy being with others and are mingling at the party, but something seems off with how people are interacting with you and you have no idea why.

A few hours go by before someone comes up to you and says, ‘I thought you might want to know that you have spinach in your teeth’. Now that you know this, you can make the change necessary to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Now think about this; are you upset with the person who told you about the spinach? No, you’re probably upset with those that saw it but said nothing. Most people have been taught that it’s rude or embarrassing to speak to someone about what they can’t see in themselves, and very few have been taught how to do it successfully.

What can Individual Coaching do for me?

While there are many immediate and long-term benefits of this kind of coaching, I’ll give you the top seven that my clients have found:

  • Discovering that learned behaviors/attitudes have 100% effect on performance.
  • Understanding how attitudes are formed and how to change them to maximize opportunities.
  • Eliminating doubt while building confidence.
  • Accomplishing more in any area of your life through a new perspective.
  • Recognizing how easy it is to change when you know how to.
  • Bringing the passion and joy back into your life.
  • Work more easily and productively with others (boss, direct reports, peers, family).

“Too old” to be promoted.

I was coaching a salesman who was frustrated because he wasn’t getting promoted but felt he had so much to offer the whole company. During the coaching session we discovered that ‘his reason’ for being overlooked was his age.

The circumstances were that he was 55 and the average age of the people he was working with was 30, so in his mind there was no way. As a result of the steps we took in Individual Coaching, he changed his mind, took action, and in two months became a sales manager.

Most people don’t know what’s holding them back, but they do know the circumstances that are. He didn’t know it was his belief, thus blamed it on the circumstances of age. We do this with how much money we make, our weight, and almost every area of our life.

Now’s the time to take action!

Contact us today to discover more about personalized Individual Coaching. Not only will you learn how to change your own mind, but those circumstances that once held you back – will seem to vanish. I look forward to our conversation!

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