Change Your Expectations, Transform Your Life

Larry Olsen October 26, 2019

What lies ahead for me is no different than what I expect lies ahead for me. Isn’t that interesting. Read that first line one more time.

If I’ve learned or been told that the easier hills are green and blue, then black will be difficult. Or will it? We all create expectations for our self and those around us. We sometimes think that the next job, promotion, or skiing down the blacks will be difficult or uncomfortable at best.

When You Change Your Expectations, You Transform Your Life

We all have limited perception. What if it was possible to break through those scotomas (blind spots that we can’t see)? What would life be presenting to us?

If fear of the unknown is created by our imagination, then why couldn’t having the time of our lives be created by the same imagination? It doesn’t’ matter what you are about to do, what matters is how you chose to envision it before you begin.

Once you change your perceptions and expectations, you will change your life. How does this happen?

You will have a new vision about what your life can become, and this new vision will trigger a powerful force within yourself. You’ll “see” new opportunities, you’ll be able to overcome virtually any obstacle, and your life will be transformed by the changes that take place within and around you.

Time of your life or, fear and doubt? The choice becomes the life we are living.

Change Your Expectations Transform Your Life