Do You Want to Be A Great Leader? Vision Is the Key.

The best leaders bring out the best in others. When I use the term “leaders,” I mean that in the broadest sense possible. Even if no one reports to you, or if you do not technically “lead” anyone else, you are still a leader, because you are leading yourself. If...

How to Be the Change You Want to See

You have probably heard the quote from Gandhi which is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” What Gandhi is saying by that is, act as if you are, rather than wish you or others were. An example would be; I wish others were more understanding rather...

An Introduction to Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) and How It Is Your Key to Prosperity

I talk a lot in my workshops about changing your perceptions and expectations, and when you do, it will change your life. How does this happen? You will have a new vision about what your life can become, and this new vision will trigger a powerful force within yourself. You’ll...

Do You Think You’re ‘Smart Enough’?

So, what do you need to begin having the time of your life right now? First, you must give yourself permission to arrive, so to speak. In your gut, you must realize that it doesn’t get any better than you, right now. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re better than...

Are you ready to experience the most incredible years of your life… starting right now?

We all recognize that we only have one shot at life, whether or not we’re willing to admit it. Life consists of a series of moments. How we embrace each of these moments determines whether or not we prosper, and if we achieve excellence or mediocrity. As you follow my...

Change Your Expectations, Transform Your Life

What lies ahead for me is no different than what I expect lies ahead for me. Isn’t that interesting. Read that first line one more time. If I’ve learned or been told that the easier hills are green and blue, then black will be difficult. Or will it? We all...

What Your Truth Is, and How a Simple ‘Cup’ Made It So

What happens inside your brain during the split second when a thought is transformed into a behavior? This is one of the most powerful components of the L.I.F.E. lessons: The more clearly you understand how your brain works, the easier it will be to understand your own thinking. Having this...

You Only Get One Life. How to Make the Moment Last.

Slow down you move too fast, you got to make the morning last. Sounds like a song lyric by Paul Simon doesn’t it? It is, but instead of making the morning last, let’s talk about making the moment last. I saw the man flying and without even thinking about it...

Are You Prosperous (and how would you know)?

How could you answer that question if I didn’t first give you my definition of prosperity? That’s right—you used your own definition. Before I tell you how I’m using the term, let me tell you what prosperity isn’t. Prosperity isn’t happiness. Happiness is a by-product. Prosperity is not wealth. Wealth...

It’s the Choices We Make That Create the Life We Live

Have you ever heard about making choices? That everything that happens in our life is a result of the choices we’ve made? Are we simply a result of our choices? Can we change our life simply by changing our choices? If you want to change your life, in any area,...

What People Are Saying About Aperneo


Through our partnership with Aperneo, Larry Olsen helped our organization develop a corporate vision and true sense of purpose. This was the foundation which engaged our associates in improving our operational performance significantly, resulting in year over year increases in sales, market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Mark Nazario

General Manager, Lexus Central Area


Larry’s work with us has paid huge dividends in really helping us understand how the mind works…to create the attitude of can do! Outside of hiring the best and the brightest at PepsiCo the other part of the equation is their attitude. We want it filled with a positive, embracing change and go after our goals with a high level of energy. Larry has really been my coach and the teacher for my team in teaching us what the "can do" attitude is all about.

James A. Kozlowski

Senior Vice President CPO (ret) PepsiCo


Why I chose Aperneo is that they tailor the approach to the client, its not going out and hiring a big consulting company that’s going to come into you with a canned product that has some form of three interconnected circles as the answer to the world. This is very individualized and it’s very human because that’s where change occurs.

Doug Foshee

President, CEO, Director (ret) El Paso Corporation


I would not have believed that with his wisdom and unique scientific/performance driven education, aligned with our organizational goals and values, we could motivate, grow and achieve such positive results in a short period of time. These positive results were recently confirmed by an independent national survey completed by our business partners, showing that we were the only Toyota Region in a down economy that not only met or exceeded our industry’s benchmarks but were the only region that grew in the category of associate satisfaction.

Alec Hagey

General Manager and Vice President, Toyota Los Angeles Region