And Then There was the Coronavirus…

Larry Olsen March 17, 2020

Have you heard about the Coronavirus or COVID-19? I know, I know, who hasn’t. Have you noticed the impact it’s had on our society; it’s hard to find toilet paper anywhere. We are all doing our diligence to ward off catching anything and if nothing else, the coronavirus has brought cleanliness back into focus. When you put it into perspective with the billions of people on our planet, less than 0.00001 have been infected by it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned, but what’s another perspective?

Whatever we think on is all we see. If I ask you to look for red, you’ll see it everywhere. What you don’t know is that by looking for only red, you missed out on 7 million other colors that are available to your eye’s cones. What’s that have to do with the coronavirus? Everything! Since we will all be telling our story of what we did during the coronavirus, and its impact on our lives, what’s your chapter going to read like? Yes, you can actually write that before the virus is over.

I’m going to wash my hands while singing Happy Birthday to myself twice, and try to keep them out of my mouth, nose and eyes while I’m being there for others who are fearful, and don’t know what to do or how bad it will get.

This life is our story and the question we want to always ask our self is; how will this experience read? Mine will be about staying clean, not sneezing on others, getting checked should I feel ill, adapting positively to the changes, and knowing the importance of social connection vs. isolation as I bring out the best in others along the way. . . how about you?

To your chapter,

Larry Olsen

P.S. Here’s a helpful article from Forbes on mental health during this physical health period that you should check out.

Larry Olsen