Achievement Acceleration Viability Quiz This form aims to assess your company’s current state of culture and prepare for a strategic alignment.

For each statement below, rank your business on a scale of 1 to 5.

1=is weak and 5=Strong


We have a clear vision in writing that has been properly communicated and is owned and implemented by everyone in the company(Required)
Regularly review that our processes and procedures are in harmony with our vision(Required)
We leverage visions for alignment in all areas of the company(Required)
Vision is compelling and exciting and in view of both customers and associates(Required)


Our leaders have the skills necessary to develop and grow their team in all situations(Required)
As a result of our ongoing leadership training, our shared goals are clearly articulated with timelines and accountability(Required)
Our managers check in regularly with their associates to talk and assist them in accomplishing their goals for organizational alignment(Required)
Goals are in alignment with vision and core values(Required)

Attitudes / Beliefs

We believe market conditions heavily impact organizational performance and profitability(Required)
Our habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations have a strong, positive affect on the bottom line(Required)
All our associates, customer facing or not, demonstrate a customer experience/service professional mindset(Required)
Attitudes and beliefs drive behavior and performance(Required)

Team Alignment / Culture

We have the skills and know how to motivate our team for improved and sustained corporate and team culture(Required)
We believe associate engagement is critical to our organizational success(Required)
Our core values are clear and compelling, and we are hiring, reviewing, and rewarding around them(Required)
Everyone is in their best role and has the mindset, desire, and capacity to do their jobs with passion and accountability(Required)


We believe that financially investing in the training and development of our associates is a high priority(Required)
We prioritize and schedule time for strategic planning and one-on-one coaching(Required)
We set goals and take action to maximize all opportunities for continued profitability(Required)
We provide tools and resources to assure our associate’s success in their goal achievement(Required)