About Aperneo We're more than professional motivation. More than a life coach.

Aperneo provides the key to sustained, long-term growth and the results tailored to your outcomes. We’re a new approach to vision accomplishment, resulting in peak performance and phenomenal success for businesses and individuals.

What Does Aperneo Do?

Developing leaders in business and in life.

Aperneo provides the life tools necessary to propel individuals and organizations beyond their current expectations and reality. By understanding the brain’s role in accelerated performance and capitalizing on the recent scientific breakthroughs of the new brain/result paradigm, Aperneo unleashes one's innate ability to achieve record-breaking performance while living what most are only seeking.

Our Purpose Statement

Fueling individuals and companies with the knowledge and integrity necessary to ignite peak performance while having the time of our life.

Want to Learn More?

We are ready to assist you in achieving your personal and or business goals and visions.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Collaboration

    Growing together. Synergy.

  • Curiosity

    New perspectives. Awareness. Vision.

  • Commitment

    Integrity. Respect. Our work. Valuing others. Community.

  • Engagement

    Their lives. Their work. Our work. Our lives. Engaging others.

  • Fun

    Sense of humor. Happiness. Joyous outlook.

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Ignitionist | ig • ni • tion • ist

A master in supplying the necessary kindle to provoke ignition and erupt an explosion of one’s internal slumbering furnace of thoughts, dreams and desires.

Larry Olsen CEO/Chief Ignitionist

An advisor to Fortune 500 executives, Larry Olsen has invested more than 40 years researching, adapting and teaching developments in the field of performance-driven neurology. As a recognized international speaker, author and executive coach, Larry’s expertise is based on the hands-on achievement drawn from professional success within major corporations, as well as entrepreneurial businesses. Larry understands that if an organization is to succeed, its people must come first—no shortcuts, no excuses. He tells us, “It’s not the size of the organization that makes it successful, but rather the size of the vision within each individual that makes or breaks a company."

Diane Monzelowsky COO

Diane leads the daily operations at Aperneo, including research and product and organizational development. She has a Master's Degree in Speech-language Pathology with extensive experience at a neuromuscular developmental center and a residential head injury facility that specializes in cognitive development and re-training. Diane is passionate about people, engaging with the community and the developing brain. 

Don Cawley Production Coordinator

With a degree in global studies and film, our resident movie maker, Don, has been making us look great since 2012. His game of devil’s advocate has kept us on our toes and helped enhance the program into what it is today. His staggering ability to constantly ask why ensures there is always a good reason behind everything we do, allowing us to grow and benefit as much as those who go through the program.

Victoria Cawley Creative Consultant

With a degree in Digital Arts, Victoria is helping companies visually align with their core values. Translating words into design, she brought our company personality to life. Now living in Los Angeles, California, she is one of our talented creative consultant team members. From websites to social media, her talent for connecting to people visually is one of a kind.

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