A Simple Solution to Dissolve Worry

Larry Olsen June 11, 2020

Let’s talk a little bit about worry. Do you know anybody who worries? Have you got anyone in your organization who worries, or anyone at home? How about yourself?

What are they worrying about? And what kind of physical reality are they living when they are in worry? Are they happy? Are they optimistic? Do they look forward? Can they hardly wait? Or do they get caught in the dread of what’s going to take place?

10 Thousand Worries

There’s an old statement about the ten thousand things I’ve worried about that have never come to pass.

So why do we worry and what resolution can we find? Ask someone if they worried about the past, would they be able to fix it? Of course not!

So how do they expect to fix the future worrying about it?

What Are You Worried About Anyway?

Because of the type of business I’m in, I talk with all kinds of people. Every time I’ve talked with someone who’s worried, I’ll ask them, “What are you worried about?”

When they tell me what they are worried about, then I ask them another question, “What are you doing about it?” Nine times out of ten, they tell me their answer, and then they begin to take action on it. When that happens, they begin to realize there’s nothing to worry about anymore.

The challenge that we face in our business and in our family, is we don’t know what action to take when talking with someone full of worry. We tell them to stop worrying, or there is no reason to worry. Everything is going to be fine.

It doesn’t resolve the fact that they are stuck and when people are stuck, productivity goes down. They’re staring at a computer screen, and they don’t seem to be getting things done.

Put Action into Motion

Needless to say, the resolution is not to tell them how wonderful things are going to be. I’m not saying that’s not important, but ask questions to find out what they are worried about.

Most of the time they are going to give you the answer. Then all you need to do, is help them take action on it. So, let’s start with you. What is ONE thing that worries you? Now that you’ve identified that worry, list out THREE action steps that you can set into motion now.

Can you feel your brain beginning to work on the solutions for you? Science has found that our brain can’t multitask, which means it can either focus on what it’s worrying about or the action it’s taking. What’s your choice? Here’s to being Jolly!

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