3 ways to separate yourself from others to achieve success

Larry Olsen September 15, 2020

We often approach life from a lens of comparing ourselves to others. So, we assume that attaining success is external to us, and once we get the right qualifications, success is inevitable.

But successful executives and business owners separate themselves by working internally. The outward expression of their internal improvements is what then drives the success you’re seeking.

There are 3 distinct ways in which you can separate yourself from others to achieve success. Once you achieve them, you develop a new way of thinking that drives business and personal fulfillment.

1. Become More Optimistic

Optimism is directly linked to your level of self-confidence. The more optimistic you are in life, the more confident you are and ready to tackle any situation that occurs.

Being confident and optimistic also opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you. When we think a certain way, we are limited to being only aware of certain things. But, when you challenge yourself to be more optimistic, then you look forward to opportunities. Even if they don’t work out the way you envisioned, you know you made a conscious choice to be more open to those opportunities.

As a more optimistic person, you’ll approach life with more enthusiasm and excitement. This is infectious to those you work with and presents you in a more favorable light.

So, to set yourself apart from others and get on the road to success, choose to be more optimistic, feel excited about the opportunities around you, and see and feel the difference in your life.

2. Be Yourself

It’s often difficult to be authentic to one’s true self in an unsupportive environment. If that’s the case, then maybe you are in the wrong place for growth.

Where you can stay true to your values and they are supported in the company you work for, then this will ultimately drive your passion and optimism at life.

This supports your advancement in how people view you when you are authentically you. People start talking positively about you behind your back. And that’s important. That’s where many of the decisions are made for advancement and getting you closer to the success you desire.

That’s why most persons who adopt the attitude of ‘fake it till you make it’ never achieve the level of success they would like. They couldn’t be true to themselves, and therefore it impacts how they operate.

3. Be More Motivated

When you’re motivated, you get more done. It helps you to do more of what you want to do than feeling like you have to do it. The latter feeling often leads to lackluster approaches to completing your assigned projects. You’ll get them done, but the level of enthusiasm with which you will do so will be sorely lacking.

One of the easiest ways to become and stay motivated is to determine how what you do aligns with the company’s overarching mission and vision. Look at your role and how it supports the organization’s goal. When you see how important you are in the structure of things, you will naturally feel more motivated to work.

Internal alignment are differentiators for success

If we don’t change our attitude and just do enough to get by, we won’t show exactly what we’re capable of. We lose the opportunity to showcase our skillset to the decision-makers who are watching in silence and who make the decisions on advancement.

Alignment of values, self, motivation and approaching life with a level of optimism sets you apart from others. You will end up loving what you do, and therefore excelling. It doesn’t matter the position. Once these three things are aligned, you will be successful.

If you want to achieve success, it starts with personal growth consulting to change your attitudes, thought processes, and outcomes that are holding you back from the success you desire. Yes, it is true that one does not simply get up and be more optimistic or motivated. So, call me today at 206.799.3163 and let’s start a conversation about your professional and personal development.

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