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Our turnover has been cut in half from one year ago, and our employee engagement is at an all time high! Employees from other dealerships have referred to Lexus of Las Vegas as "the promised land"! We are definitely setting a higher standard of excellence thanks Larry Olsen!

Niki Michael
HR Director

I met Larry in 1996, I was a sales person at an automotive dealership. Before that time I had sub-consciously imposed severe limits to what I thought possible in my life and career due to what I thought at the time was currently holding me back.

The L.I.F.E. program really opened me up to a consciousness of not only what was holding me back, but just as important, what I needed to do to move in the direction of my hopes and dreams.

I have recently been awarded my FIFTH new car franchise (I know it’s amazing)! With nothing more than a high school diploma and a legitimate belief that if I can see the dream, I can own the dream.

Thank you Larry, you have changed my life forever!

Philip Leone
Owner/Executive Manager Fiat/Alpha Romeo Newark, Nissan San Jose

I'm honored to write a testimonial Larry. While I have so much more to share, I tried to keep it concise. Thoughts?

In the four years our company partnered with Aperneo, Larry Olsen helped our organization develop a corporate vision and true sense of purpose. The foundation of this purpose statement was built on empowerment and collaboration, which dramatically improved the culture of our organization. Through engaged associates our operational performance improved significantly, resulting in year over year increases in sales, market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Unexpectedly, our associates used the skills and techniques Larry shared in their personal lives. The benefit we reaped from engaged associates, is something that cannot be quantified. The effect on our team is unlike any other corporate training we have used in the past. Our associates are now clearly focused on, and have the tools, to enrich the lives of our customers, to build advocacy, and long term retention.

Larry Olsen's work goes so much deeper than operational results. It's about building a high performance culture, creating a sense of purpose in everything we do and improving quality of life. Our organization and team members are forever changed and see business in a different way after their time with Larry. But more importantly, we all see the world and our role in it differently. And that's all good for business!

Mark Nazario
Toyota Motor Sales - Portland Region

Larry's message is a powerful tool in the arsenal of self-awareness. It has been an enormous source of strength and insight for me both personally and professionally. He is the 'ultimate coach' for men and women who will never settle for less than they can be.

Mr. Larry Olsen assisted my Seattle team in understanding through their own experience that success feels incredible — and to not settle for anything less than the life they desire and deserve. No matter where our co-workers were in their life, Larry Olsen helped us to learn how to create greater success and reach the measurable results we wanted. Breaking through our personal sticking points and learning the strategies, skills and methods necessary, changed our current reality to match our new and exciting vision.

My team has used Larry’s priceless education both personally and professionally providing them with the tools to bring out the best in self and others, which has made a significant difference in our climate and culture!

Babak Mohammadi

General Manager
Toyota / Honda of Seattle

Dear Larry,

I wanted to thank you and share how I feel about your program.

The L.I.F.E. program has allowed me to identify that voice inside of me, which you call my "R.O.X.-talk" that controls who I am and what I think and re-direct it to the things that I want to accomplish. In addition, I now can decide the end result I want from a situation and make sure my mind is focused on the outcome I want instead of trying to defeat me. The power of the tools you provide is the ability to see your objective in its final state, and walk a straighter path to it with fewer distractions. The benefits of being able to use your inside voice as an ally has equally significant benefits in you personal and professional life, because when you really think of it they are the same, you are there in both cases. This program has enhanced an already incredible life that I honestly didn't think could get any better.

Thanks for all that you do Larry,

Bruce Vaughn
Pepsi Procurement

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your L.I.F.E. training. I've found myself going over the seminar and listening to the CD's fairly often as of late. My wife's cancer has been and continues to be a tremendous adventure. We joke around with each other that "we're having the time of our lives". All kidding aside, it's been very difficult, and dare I say it sucks. However, the L.I.F.E. fundamentals have helped both her and myself attack this with a set of tools that have truly turned this into an amazing adventure. She wasn't physically able to attend the spouse's seminar but the CD's and my continuous LEADERSHIP training that I share with her has been an incredible resource for us. It has opened a world of opportunities for us both. Thank you Very, Very much!

Mark Bivens
Service Director Lexus

I attended your seminar when I was employed with Raising Arizona Kids Magazine. My life was literally changed after attending the workshop. Before: I lost a great job, lost my condo, lived with my children for 5 months to get myself back on my feet and then a friend for another year. The vision-statements and visions I learned from you, brought new opportunities! I am now a General Manager of House2home Showcase magazine. I published my first novel based on a true story and now I am ready to go on to new visions…. I have listened to the CD’s so many times I am wearing them out. But they have changed my life…

Thank you soooo much Larry.
General Manager House2home

Larry Olsen has worked with my Team for the past two years. Since I've had the training with Larry, it's as if things happen by magic in my life. I was skeptical about his process of not making the "to do" lists. However, I found that the events unfold in a much more dramatic and creative way than I could have even imagined. The production in my business has DOUBLED in the two years since my Team and I have integrated the systems into our business in a market that's only experienced 10-15% growth. I would recommend Aperneo to anyone who wants to achieve a greater level of balance and synergy in both their personal and professional lives.

Ginger Price DDS

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