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Larry R. Olsen is an award-winning educator, best-selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker and a leading expert in the practical applications of neuropsychology. His highly sought perspective provides the tools to propel teens beyond what they think is possible.

Teens gather in a relaxed environment where they speak freely, ask questions and have fun while learning about their incredible brain and how attitudes drive all performance.

The Book $24.95*

"Anyone who says 'don't let
success go to your head' has yet
to learn where it comes from."
           - Larry Olsen

Why are we strongly compelled to achieve some things, while others remain firmly beyond our grasp? The answer to this question and many more are revealed in Get a Vision and Live it! Acclaimed international speaker, Larry Olsen is a highly sought-after performance consultant. Why? Because those who put into practice his life-changing information experience peak performance and phenomenal rewards for their business and personal life.

Larry Olsen has invested over thirty years researching, adapting and teaching advancements in the field of performance-driven neurology and now for the first time it's yours in his best seller: Get a Vision and Live It!

A portion of the revenues from the sales of Get A Vision and Live It will be donated to the non-profit agency of Kids Playing For Kids -kidsplayingforkids.org.

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The Audio $49.95*

Founder and creator of Aperneo, Larry Olsen created an audio series where you have the opportunity to spend four engaging hours one-on-one with Larry in the comfort of your car, home or where ever you find yourself plugged in. His information is both effective and inspiring because it is rooted in scientific fact. Allow Larry the opportunity to explain how the application of subtle techniques can result in your experiencing superior performance by learning the key process critical to achieving your full potential, record-breaking results and personal and professional prosperity. It's only a click away.

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The Package $59.95*

"If there is one thing holding
you back, it's not the future!" 
         - Larry Olsen

If you want to maximize your learning experience while getting the most "bang for you buck," enjoy the ultimate collection of Larry Olsen's wisdom and teachings by investing in the package. You'll get Larry's bestseller; Get a Vision and Live It! as well as his highly acclaimed audio program and user's guide, LIFE. Going beyond what you currently think is possible is more than a promise, it's the combination of this education, teamed up with your commitment that makes it a reality.

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