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I believe the best description of inclusion is recognizing every person on the team for their contributions to the organization, by continuously sharing my vision for success. Our team consists of some great people who sincerely care about the business and each other. I can do a better job of being a servant leader by finding new ways to keep all team members engaged in the vision.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me both professionally and personally. From the start, I’ve found our time together invaluable. Your insights have helped me to focus on the results I seek instead of the roadblocks, and eliminate the negative that I’ve carried around for years. In fact, it has been quite liberating and has helped me put many things in perspective. I appreciate all the thinking techniques you have taught me. They have all had a BIG impact on my life, both in business and at home. The best advice: let yourself arrive and don’t look for reassurance. Quite liberating. Thank you for all the good times we’ve shared. I hope our paths cross again soon!

Don Lomanto
Market Manager, Lexus New York Area

At one time or another we have all remarked about how quickly time seems to fly by, especially as we get older. Our lives seem to become event driven. In other words, we spend a great deal of our time planning for and/ or looking toward the next event. The big game, vacation, our promotion, turning 21, getting married, the weekend, and on and on it goes. My mind recalls the wise words of someone who stated " Life is what happens to us while we are making our plans." How true and how tragic. The next logical step in our thinking becomes " I will feel successful as soon as I... Or I will be happy as soon as this happens. How much do we miss when we allow our thinking to be dominated this way? A life well lived is one filled with purpose and it is in realizing and fulfilling our purpose(s) where we find real joy and contentment. However knowing these truths and putting them to good use are two entirely different things. The education I have continued to receive thru the LIFE program has been remarkable. There is no doubt in my mind that Larry Olsen is fulfilling one of his own purposes by becoming the teacher of this education; and make no mistake, it is indeed an education. This isn't some "feel good, rah-rah, new age mysticism." The LIFE program takes a common sense approach to a science-based education of the mind. It makes an incredible impact on the moment-by-moment quality of our lives and the lives of all those around us. If you are considering Aperneo or about to start the LIFE program, I can assure you, it is time well spent. Like a lot of you, I have sat thru management and motivational seminars that got me pumped up for a short while. Only to have the reality of life swoop in and take the wind out of my sails. In my humble opinion, this course should be taught in every high school across our country. I am extremely thankful for Larry and his family for their dedication, hard work and obvious investment of heart into researching, practicing and presenting this material. I can't wait for more! Semper Fi Larry.

David Christian

Just a quick note to thank you for the Larry Olsen seminar.

I admit I was reluctant to go simply because there was so much work that needed to be done and I hated to add my stuff to Lorie's -- but I enjoyed it very much. Larry is so dynamic and entertaining that he caught and held my attention. I was able to "stay in the room" and not think about what had been left undone at the office. I have been to a couple of seminars in the past that sounded good in print and were interesting, but turned into the usual breaking into small groups and role-playing situations. Nothing very memorable came out of those. Larry's explanations and lessons make sense and sound like they can be used in real life to change attitudes and reinforce positives. Am looking forward to listening to his audio CDs to pick up more gems and hear things I might have missed while making notes. I have areas that definitely need work and will be working on the vision statements that came out of this experience -- and hopefully adding more as time goes on.

Larry may have given us a "Rox" to physically take away from the workshop, but you put the first "Rox" in our buckets by making this available to us. Thank you for caring enough about our personal growth and well-being to send us to a beautiful setting, hear and be motivated by this terrific speaker, subsidize his audio CD series for us and in the process lose productive billable office time. (By the way, lunch on the lawn among the lovely trees was great!)

Really appreciate the environment you are trying to create and all the nice things you do for us. Thank you again.

Architect at Davis

One Larry Olsen seminar has had a lasting impact on my personal and professional life. "Making every day a 10" has stuck with me and one that I strive to achieve.

Setting personal and professional goals has always been easy - achieving them has been a challenge. With a few "Larry Olsen" techniques, what was once hard is now achievable.

Helping my daughter through her early years at college was an unexpected HUGE plus from Larry's seminar.

Russ Wood, Pepsi Seattle


Just wanted to thank you again for the powerful tools you provided us. My wife and I continue to read your book and listen to your CDs everyday. It's very contagious.

Also wanted to thank you for your offer to call my son.

Best regards,
Paul Abitante

Larry's book is one of my all-time-favorite personal development books! Larry Olsen describes exactly how our attitudes get shaped and reinforced in our minds and how they affect our behavior and habits - for better or worse. Best of all, he teaches you practical ways to use that knowledge to create the attitudes and behaviors that will help you achieve what you've always wanted. If you consider yourself an underachiever and want to live up to your true potential, or you're already successful but want to take it to the next level, then this book is a must-have!"

-Terry Roberts, Founder & CEO

The principles that Larry teaches are "The Grand Opening". What they did for me and continue to do for me was to open the door to all the treasures and the power that I was born with. For the longest time I lived as a pauper, very unhappy, and not wanting to be here at all. L.I.F.E., your program validated my worth and power as a human being, unleashing my energy to please the world. As a result, I am happy, successful, and excited to be a shining light of success and happiness twenty-four hours a day. I call your principles the grand opening because once I got them, I was welcome with open arms everywhere. Keep sharing your light and your power, especially to those who are skeptical, hostile, and even hopeless; you have the power to lead them to a brand new life of joy and happiness. Their success and happiness will make us all winners. I speak from personal experience, thanks for all your love and dedication. Keep up the great work!

Your friend, student, follower
Al Moreno
Sales Manager

PS Your book, Get A Vision and Live IT! is the rock, the foundation to a life full of great rewards. Thanks!

To Whom It May Concern:

I met Larry Olsen shortly after he moved to Bainbridge Island from Sugarland, Texas a few years ago. In the process of reviewing his insurance program we talked about his company, Aperneo, and the work he has done with various companies in helping to create a vision and live it. Recognizing my intrigue he invited me to a day-and-a-half seminar that he conducted in Seattle. I have heard many motivational speakers over the years and, while uplifting at the moment, generally after a day or two for most participants it is back to business as usual. Not so with this program.

Larry's program starts with a day-and-a-half interactive presentation exploring the physiology and psychology of our thought processes and how they can lead to the creation of unnecessary barriers in all facets of our lives. He then takes participants through a systematic process of developing a personal or business vision, and here is where he departs from the norm. Following the seminar participants document thoughts, actions and communication with key people in their lives that reinforce and strengthen the vision via an interactive web site. Some of the themes of the program are
  • Accomplish twice as much in half the time with twice the fun.
  • You can't control all events affecting your life, but you have total control over the way you react to them.
  • You become what you think about
  • Be careful what you want because you are probably going to get it.
My entire staff participated in the seminar and the result was a new focus and energy in the way we go about our business. This has led to not only increased production, but also to a more fun business environment. An unexpected side effect has been the observable improved quality of our relationships with our customers...a new sense of our business being about them... and in my staff members personal lives.

Sincerely yours,
Phil Hillstrom
State Farm Insurance

Hey Larry,

I just wanted to let you know what a smashing success your seminars were for Findlay Toyota. We finished number 1 in the Denver Region in both new and certified the first month after your seminars were finished and ended up green in C.S.I.! This was the first time we had accomplished this in 13 months. Your program has everybody at Findlay Toyota buzzing about their experience. This is very ironic since so many were skeptical going in, and as you know they then wanted to invite their spouses, so they could garner the wisdom and process's you teach.

Larry, when we started this process our goal was to get to number 2 in the country behind Longo Toyota, a sizable goal, but after attending your seminar, my people and me think that would be cutting our selves short and we all believe with your help, we will someday in the near future be the Number 1 dealer in the country.

Thank you so much, and we so look forward to moving to our Vision and Leadership Training in the upcoming weeks.

Team Findlay Toyota Thanks You,
Rich Abajian
General Manager

We're pleased you received the picture and I'm sure it will look great on your, "wall of fame" and that you'll get a chuckle out of it from time to time.

My daughter and I are working very hard getting her life and my two grandsons lives back in order. I've flown to Louisville twice in the past month and spent a few days with them, getting them set up in a new apartment, paying off some past creditors and applying some of the learning's from your seminars. You don't realize how much of your seminars I've retained, and are currently using in my life. At fifty two you would think you can't teach an old dog new tricks but your seminars definitely has made me look at life in another light.

Thanks again for everything,

I started working for the Haselwood group in June of 2005. I was hired at West Hills Honda. I was invited to attend the Life seminar in August. It was a one and a half day class that everyone who has been employed for 90 days or longer gets to attend. In the days leading up to the seminar I thought I had a general idea of what was to be expected as I'd been in management most of the last 10 years in one capacity or another. The usual, keep a good attitude, work as team, etc. I had, however, heard my management team making references to "keeping your vision", "if the vision is strong enough" and "don't let the 'how' screw up the vision". I wasn't sure if my managers had mixed up the word "vision" with the word "goals" or if they were all taking Peyote. Either way, our store had been improving at an impressive clip over the last 18 months and I figured whatever it was, I was in.

As I mentioned before, I have been to many "team building", "organization lifting" classes/seminars in the past, but what I don't remember any of them with the approach of Larry's seminars. He didn't start of with the usual "time management", "work smarter not harder" jargon. What happened over the next day and a half has truly changed not only the direction my sales career has taken, but has given me larger scope on the way I look at how our thoughts impact our day to day lives.

Anybody can sit in a room for 12 hours, listen to ball of energy like Larry and come out a little bit on the pumped up side. But Larry provided me with the type of information that allowed me "to produce twice the results in the half the work". The first time I heard Larry say that, I was a little on the skeptical side, but by the time noon hit on the second day, I was more optimistic than doubtful.

Changing things in my life hasn't always been easy, but using a lot of the techniques and practices that Larry teaches, change has been more effective in a shorter amount of time. To say that it's been easy wouldn't be right. But easier? By all means. As far as the type of information Larry provides, I've never heard anything so simple, yet so effective in all of my life. 30 minutes a month, 30 seconds a day. I've almost got abs of steel.

6 months after the program, I still see results in areas I wasn't expecting improvement. The relationships I have with my wife and family. The way I approach not just my professional, but my personal life as well. Very simple and universal. Nobody knows what the future holds, but I am glad that with the tools I learned in Larry's workshop, I will be making the kind of impact I deserve.

Happen to Life,
Erick Lounsbury
West Hills Honda
The Benchmark of Excellence

I just finished reading Larry Olsen's book for the second time. I immediately picked it up and started thumbing through it again. Why? It is, without a doubt, one of the best books I've read.

If you visit any bookstore you will find a vast array of self-help, self-improvement, and self-discovery books. There are dozens of authors, life coaches, and gurus ready to promote their "quick fix" for your life.

There methods vary but the message is fundamentally the same. "Work this program, as described in this book, and be successful," (Insert any author's name here).

Larry Olsen's book is different. It is not about practicing the "Olsen philosophy," although it helps. It is not about "buying into the method," although it is effective. Larry Olsen has simply written a concise and effective guide into tapping personal power and overcoming personal barriers. He realizes the ability to succeed lies within everyone. He simply puts out a few, very simple, ways it can be tapped. He recognizes the resources that already exist in a person and has created an incredibly user-friendly and adaptable guide to uncovering them. Larry Olsen's book helped me realize what worked for me. Amazingly enough, the things he said in his book were entirely accurate.

I mentioned earlier that there are a variety of self-help, self-discovery, and self-improvement books available. I've even read a few. None of them had much impact on me. The language was too syrupy, the claims too over-inflated, the language too preachy. I didn't find the author accessible to me, a real person. Larry Olsen reaches across the pages of his book with a real voice; like he is speaking to the reader across the table. He comes across as a real person, reaping real benefits. He knows how to define success in human terms, from a "been there done that," perspective.

I started reading Larry Olsen's book at the beginning of a career change. As I move through this new adventure in my life, I find myself relying on his words about attitude, relating to my experiences, and outlook. His book is a journey not of discovery but of rediscovery; the rediscovery of our own individual potential.

This book has allowed me to develop my own business. I have grown my business by over 300% since putting these techniques and, more importantly, this attitude to work for me. I'm at a point where I do not wish to be any busier but I know I could increase my business by another 300% and 300% after that. Just as significantly, I've done it without the fear, tension, and frustration I used to experience. When life happens, and things are not going according to plan, I find that I am open to the solution.

Since reading his book I have had the privilege of getting to know Larry Olsen personally. As powerful as his book is, Larry himself is simply amazing. Individuals reading the books might want to consider it a springboard to working with Larry himself. Organizations should pick up several copies, and give Larry Olsen a call.

Scott Seay

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